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Shenzhen Guijin Technology Co., Ltd.13号馆-1001Shenzhen Guijin Technology Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise integrating professional design, R&D, production and sales of adapters, intelligent chargers and switching power supplies. the products are widely used in communication, audio and video, home appliance, medical, lighting and other fields.Our company has complete certificates, such as UL, ETL, FCC, GS, CE, UKCA, PSE, SAA, RCM, KC, CCC, BIS, CB and other national certification, products are sold to United Stated, Europe, Japan, Korea, Britain, India, China and other countries and regions. We attach great important to certification investment, which has exceed 9 million yuan, products not only meet the newest safety standards, but also certification category is complete, IT/AV new standard such as UL62368,EN62368,GB4943,GB8898; home appliance standard such as UL1310,EN603353-2-29,EN61558-2-16, GB4706;medical standard such as UL60601, EN60601, GB9706; lighting standard such as EN61347-2-13, GB19510 etc. At the same time, we adhere to the customers as the center, can provide customized services according to customer requirements, for customers to provide satisfactory cost-effective products.
Shenzhen Shokz Co., Ltd.12号馆-1024Shokz is the world’s leading Open-Ear technology manufacturer and innovator,
known for outstanding developments in wireless open-ear sport headphones.
Shokz uses patented bone conduction/direct pitch technology
to transmit sound.
Vibrations go through your cheekbones and deliver sound directly to your ear, bypassing the eardrum.At the same time,
we are also committed to developing all acoustic technologies to achieve "open listening"
High quality music and ambient sound will be heard together.
Wingtech Technology Co., Ltd.12号馆-1028Wingtech is a world-leading essential semiconductor, optical, and product integration company, which integrating R&D, design and manufacturing. Wingtech provides global customers with a wealth of products and services, including R&D and design of semiconductor power devices and analog chips, wafer manufacturing, packaging and testing. The company not only expands its capabilities to the R&D and manufacturing of optical modules and Mini/Micro LED display modules, but also provides R&D and manufacturing services for various terminal products, such as mobile phones, tablets, laptops, servers, IoT, and automotive electronic products.
Moxin(Huzhou)Tech.co.,LTD12号馆-10421.Company Profile
The Moxin (Huzhou) Technology Co., LTD is committed to exploring cutting-edge 3D technology, providing software and hardware solutions for creative realization, and creating a one-stop service platform for 3D digital printing. It is a technology-based enterprise focusing on the research, development, production and sales of 3D digital printer products. We are located in Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province. The site uses an area of 2,000 square meters. Now, there are around 100 employees and with an annual production capacity of 200,000 units.
2.Why Create KOKONI
You don’t need to be a professional 3D artist or 3D designer, but with the KOKONI 3D printer, everyone can easily achieve numerous fantastic 3D characters or objects and print it. Being capable of printing EVERYTHING, 3D printers are amazing. However, existing 3D printers on the market are only for professionals and hobbyists with 3D modeling & DIY skills and time & efforts in building and fixing parts, they are not for EVERYONE. That’s why We invented KOKONI, an entry-level but powerful, the world's-first AI-integrated 3D printer for everyone. KOKONI is leveling-free and free of maintenance, with App smart control which is easy to use.
3.About KOKONI Team
Our professional team is dedicated to exploring 3D vision technologies for content creation and model reconstruction, and we quickly became an unwavering pioneer in the 3D Printing sector. Unleash unlimited possibilities and endless fun for everyone by developing smarter products that work. High quality, for the masses. This is our goal here at KOKONI, and we inch closer to that goal every day. Please check our official website here: http://www.kokoni3d.com
Hangzhou Ant Kuai Technology Co.Ltd.12号馆-1324Topnod, one of the leading digital collectible platforms in China, is operated by Ant Group on its consortium blockchain Antchain. Topnod works with various national museums in China to produce digital versions of historical relics, as well as painters, ethnic minority embroidery artists, and more.
iFLYTEK CO.LTD.12号馆-1338Founded in 1999, iFLYTEK Co., Ltd. is a well-known intelligent voice and artificial intelligence listed enterprise in the Asia Pacific region. Since its establishment, it has been engaged in the research of intelligent voice, natural language understanding, computer vision and other core technologies, and has maintained the international advanced technology level; We will actively promote the implementation of artificial intelligence products and industrial applications, and strive to make machines "able to listen and speak, understand and think", and build a better world with artificial intelligence.
IFLYTEK adheres to the development strategy of "platform + track". In 2010, iFLYTEK released an artificial intelligence open platform with intelligent voice and human-computer interaction as the core in the industry - iFLYTEK open platform, providing developers with one-stop artificial intelligence solutions. On the basis of the platform, iFLYTEK has continued to expand the industry track, and has launched intelligent products and services covering multiple industries to promote the in-depth application in smart education, smart medical care, smart city, smart services, smart cars, consumers and other fields. The results of to B + to C dual wheel drive have been shown.
Beijing Superhexa Century technology Co.,Ltd13号馆-1541Incorporated on October 15, 2020, SUPERHEXA (Beijing Superhexa Century Technology CO. Ltd) is an innovative hardware company that specializes in the production of personal electronics. “Be your hero” is our slogan, and we strive to explore the relationship between futuristic technology and mankind to make technology more natural in everyday life.
Ambition Automotive Technology (cahngshu) Co., Ltd.12号馆-1588-2As a professional manufacturer of perception, control and execution systems in the automotive industry, Ambition provides customers around the world with the most advanced technology, high-quality products and the most comprehensive competitive solutions
Shanghai Benkong Electronic Technology Co., Ltd12号馆-1588-11Bencol proposes a complete offer in Building Automation sector, including HVAC, Lighting and Energy Management Systems, which serves industries from commercial to hospitals, workplace to hotel, data centers to lab and more.
Based in Shanghai, Bencol has developed a sales and services network throughout China and established strategic relationships with various commercial properties.
We rely on our R&D experts, product specialists and teams of professionals to provide a complete suite of solutions, services and technical supports for projects of any complexity.
With over twenty years of experience, Bencol is committed to supporting you at every stage of your project.
Upstream, we assist you in the qualification of your requirements and offer you the most relevant and dependable control solutions.
Downstream, we have all the necessary skills and certifications to ensure the installation, commissioning and maintenance of systems.
Bencol is committed to optimizing building performance and making your building smarter. Our products are built upon open technologies such as BACnet, KNX, Modbus, LON, DALI, MQTT, Web and LoRa ― typically found in the building automation industry, which enable equipment to connect on a single platform.
TELD NEW ENERGY Co.,Ltd.12号馆-1588-10
CHANGZHOU AIRWHEEL TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD12号馆-1588-1Since Airwheel's establishment in 2013, with global vision, we have set up R&D, marketing, manufacturing and logistics centers in countries such as Belgium ,US and China. As one of the world leading smart transportation device manufacturers, Airwheel is committed to bringing out the joy of technology, and to practicing our cooperate culture: "Free Intelligent Life"._x000D_
Airwheel has completed the integration of portable transportation industrial chain, and the globalization of our brand name covering 68 countries and over 4,600 retail stores. Airwheel's success is built on enabling customers to live freer, providing them with an intelligent companion, helping them find passion and joy from life, to realize higher personal value._x000D_
In 2017, the Airwheel Artificial Intelligence International Incubator was officially launched. The Incubator covers three major areas—robotics, artificial intelligence algorithms and artificial intelligence equipment to make oriented incubation and investment management. It will integrate the world's elites to make it another impetus to the rapid growth of the company. _x000D_
Airwheel will continue to reinforce its core strengths of efficient international standards for product development and manufacturing quality, and strive to bring a free and joyful life to our customers.
Nanjing Miaomi Technology co., LTD12号馆-1588-13-
Jiang Su Headspring Equipment Ltd.12号馆-1588-12Jiang Su Headspring Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 2019 with a registered capital of 20 million yuan,The company is jointly invested by Shanghai Jingyuan environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu liangbo Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd,Kunshan Diyuan environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company. Jiang Su Headspring Equipment Co., Ltdhas 1500 m2 of production workshops which is located in Qingfeng town, Jianhu County, Yancheng City, Jiangsu Province of China. The company has a complete production capacity of medium and high-end metal structure products, it has advanced production equipment of digital punching, bending and shearing,and it has a spraying production line that meets the requirements of environmental protection, it also has advanced filter production equipment. The company undertakes all intellectual property rights, scientific and technological achievements and market channels of Shanghai Jingyuan and Kunshan Diyuan. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, Kunshan Diyuan is a national high-tech enterprise, with 23 patents, including three invention patents. Patents such as an air purifier with multi pollutant purification capacity for medical use and a glow plasma disinfection and sterilization device meet the needs of national public health. The company systematically develops the air purifier in the name of "Diyuan HEADSPRING". The purifiers have been used on military warehouses, police equipment, field hospitals, business buildings, cars, elevator cars and tens of thousands families.
At present, we are preparing to jointly develop disinfection and sterilization devices for subway cars with a company in Beijing, which has the opportunity to further expand the market segmentation. We have established good cooperative relations with top global supply chain enterprises such as Japan Odor Research Institute, 3M company, Prince paper, purifile, etc.
Headspring air purifiers were designated product of China Pavilion of 2017 Kazakhstan world expo, and once again,they will become the designated product of 2020 Dubai world expo. In 2019, Head spring won two awards of Nanshan Award which was named after academician Zhong Nanshan. During the outbreak of Novel coronavirus, Headspring donated air disinfection and sterilization equipments to Wuhan fifth hospital through Bethune Spirit Research Association. We also donated sterilization and purification equipments for ambulances and elevators to Huanggang City, Hubei Province through Zhongnanshan medical foundation of Guangdong Province.
Headspring has obtained ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and ISO18001 occupational safety management system certification.Headspring air purifiers have obtained global certification such as CQC of China, FCC of the United States, c-tick of Australia, CE of EU and RoHS of EU
Headspring has the qualification of disinfection product production, and the product has passed the sterilization efficiency certification of a H1N1. And we have established cooperative relations with Shanghai Academy of criminal Sciences, relevant institutes of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Shanghai Institute of industrial technology, etc.
ArcherMind Technology (Nanjing) Co., Ltd.12号馆-1588-14Founded in 2006, ArcherMind Technology (300598.SZ) is headquartered in Nanjing,which focuses on technology R&D and innovation in intelligent interconnection and operating system technology and committed to becoming global leading expert of operating system, benefiting mankind with technology. Not only covered global mainstream operating system technologies such as Android, IOS, Linux, Windows, QNX, HarmonyOS, AliOS, etc, but also UOS of joint-stock company UnionTech, ArcherMind focuses on technology R&D and solution services in the fields of mobile Intelligent terminals, automotive electronics, artificial intelligence, intelligent technology, IT innovation, etc. As a national high-tech enterprise, ArcherMind has a strong large-scale technology research and development team and obtained the management system certifications of CMMI level 5, ITSS Level 3, quality, information security, environment, health and occupation management, etc, serving many Fortune 500 companies worldwide.
Qidong Vision Mounts Manufacturing Co., Ltd.12号馆-1588-8Qidong Vision Mounts is a leading manufacturer of TV mounts, monitor arms, height-adjustable desks, etc. We focus on the overall solution for home and business audio and video installation. More than 95% of the products are exported to countries worldwide. According to the principle of“ergonomics”, our company studies how to improve efficiency, ensure safety, maintain health and improve comfort in the office, study, and entertainment.
We serve original equipment manufacturers, institutional and industrial customers, professional installers, as well as globe and national-wide retail chains.
Suzhou Performance Information Technology Co., Ltd.12号馆-1588-9Founded in 2013, Suzhou Performance Information Technology Co., Ltd., as a new entrepreneurial company with the registered capital of 100 million RMB, and provides system solution of solid-state storage, hardware/software encryption, network engineering and computer peripheral hardware and software products. In accordance with the principle of open and win-win cooperation, The company not only pays attention to building its own brand with independent intellectual property rights, but also provides customers with high quality and efficient OEM/ODM service.
The company founded TEKISM (special core brand) in late 2013. Since its inception, the company has been pursuing high-tech, high-performance, creative and fashionable of product management philosophy. With developing on delicacy management, a group of elites of technology and the method of industry 4.0 have been integrated and working together in this company, leading the management field of manufacturing as well.
Jiangsu New Vision Electronics Co.,Ltd12号馆-1588-5New Vision Automotive Electronics Co., Ltd. (New Vision) is certified National High-tech Enterprise specialized in R&D, manufacturing, and service of virtual display products, including from W-HUD, AR-HUD, Transparent A Pillar, Window Display, etc. 
New Vision is based in China with international footprints supporting various business partners. New Vision is proud to be one of the leading virtual display solution providers to assist OEM partners to continuously upgrade driving experience, by persistent investment in R&D.  New Vision has supported Nio, Geely, Lync & Co, Chery, BAIC launching the car programs, and more on the way.
New Vision is committed to empower our team to help drivers see a better world by providing state of art technology and innovation, affordable products, and extensive services.
Nanjing DSeeLab Digital Technology Co., Ltd.12号馆-1588-4DSeeLab - the world's leading provider of holographic display solutions
Founded in 2016, DSeeLab focuses on the research and development of holographic display equipment and creative visual effect design. It is the inventor and industry leader in the subdivided field of rotary holographic display. Its progressiveness technology and market share have always occupied the first place in the world in this subdivided field. With nearly 100 patents, DSeeLab has been actively engaged in the construction of the national digital economy, and has been recognized as a national high-tech enterprise, a dual soft enterprise in Jiangsu Province, and a small giant enterprise in Jiangsu Province with "expertise, excellence, and novelty". With holographic digital as the gateway, we have successively released several meta universe related solutions, and continue to develop new products and technologies. At present, a number of holographic display products have been mass produced, and display control software, cloud messaging platform, 3D video production tools and material stores have been developed in support of them. Holographic interactive applications of various scenes have been continuously cultivated, and a complete ecology of holographic visual business services has been established.
Shanghai Magnity Technologies Co.,Ltd.13号馆-1617Magnity Technologies, backed by top tier venture capitals, develops advanced thermal imaging technologies. We have developed novel infrared imaging sensors, thermal imagers, software and total solutions for a wide variety of industries. The Magnity team comprises talents from world famous universities and research institutes, as well as high-tech veterans. We welcome collaborations in any application fields and value customer satisfaction as the top priority of all our business activities.
Technology video13号馆-1659Science and technology video is a leading digital technology media and national high-tech enterprise in China. It has long been engaged in digital, activity, evaluation, curriculum and other live broadcasts. Its business covers more than 130 first tier, second tier and third tier cities in China and more than 20 countries around the world. It flies more than 500000 miles a year to the forefront of science and technology development in real time. We have reached strategic cooperation with Shanghai Hotline, adhering to the operation concept of "independence, openness and diversity", and provided accurate and timely information content support in digital, home appliances, hardware, VR/AR, cloud computing, automobile and other fields. Over the past three years, we have completed the in-depth evaluation of more than 2000 scientific and technological products, held nearly 500 photography lectures, and trained more than 200000 photography users in scientific and technological video communication, covering more than 20 million Internet users. In the past year, it has completed more than 500 live broadcast activities, reached more than 5000 offline brand training lectures, and provided video service support for more than 1300 industry recommendation conferences.
Nanochap Electronics (Hangzhou) Co.,Ltd12号馆-1708HangZhou Nanochap Electronics Co.,LTD.Founded in February 2014, located in Hangzhou Future Sci-Tech City, and has a research and development center in Melbourne, Australia. The company is one of the earliest enterprises engaged in the research of "high resolution artificial retina", which has been studied and developed for more than 10 years. The company is committed to high density of nerve stimulator, biosensor chip and related medical equipment product development and sales, to fill a gap in the fields of our country related biochip, among the world's advanced level. At the same time the company research and development of measuring precision, simple operation, management, intelligent medical terminal products, human physiological parameters of noninvasive monitoring, real-time monitoring, analysis, personal health, leading to build personal health monitoring management platform, data management more convenient to human body health, provide medical services.
Nanochap is established and completed more than 20 patents, take "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" national ministry of science and technology key projects, and acquire a high and new technology enterprise of hangzhou, zhejiang gem listing enterprises, zhejiang sea international talent innovation and key support enterprises and so on many honors.
SoftBank Robotics China Corp.12号馆-1718SoftBank Robotics is driving technology forward by becoming a worldwide leader in robotics solutions. Entering the Chinese market in 2018, it has already landed corresponding solutions in various industries such as commercial field and education field. The current commercial products are Pepper, NAO and Whiz. SoftBank Robotics is constantly exploring and commercializing robotics solutions that help make people’s lives easier, safer, more connected, and more extraordinary.
Beijing 7Invensun Science&Technology Co., Ltd.12号馆-17217invensun is a high-tech corporation dedicated in machine vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI), empowered by complete proprietary intellectual property rights. Since its foundation, the company has been focusing on R&D and innovation in eye tracking technologies, aiming to upgrade human-machine interactive experiences on all terminal devices.

7invensun provides services for many XR, Smartphone and Computer manufacturers, and cooperates with many research institutes and colleges.
Emerge12号馆-1722Emerge formed with creative technologists, media specialists, designers, researchers, and engineers, Create a beautiful and perceptible experience.
Since its establishment, it has practiced unique concepts and methodology, Emerge has created and produced excellent interactive content for many brands, New media art works, exhibition space, new product prototypes, Help the brand use technology + artistic expression to obtain new opportunities.
FU TAI HUA INDUSTRY (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD12号馆-2005Foxconn Brand Business Sales Division ( BBSD ) belongs to MECBG of FOXCONN Technology Group.

With thirty-year experience in engineering development, rich supply chain resources and a high standard quality control system.

Dealing with new brands, various corporations with higher flexibility, we provide our customers with professional engineering devotion and highly integrated services.

Consolidated resources guarantee providing customers with our highly integrated services. With turnkey solutions from zero to one, from prototype to production, our team ensures sincere involvement in each stage you care.

BBSD aims to become the most reliable and trusted partner for quality brandmakers.
Haier Smart Home12号馆-2006Established in 1984, Haier Group is a world-leading provider of better life and digital transformation solutions. Focusing on user experience, Haier is the world's only IoT ecosystem brand that has been included on the list of BrandZ Most Valuable Global Brands for four years straight. Haier has topped Global Major Appliances Brand Rankings by Euromonitor International for 13 consecutive years. Haier Group owns three listed companies and its subsidiary Haier Smart Home is among the list of Fortune Global 500. The Group has seven global high-end brands such as Haier, Casarte, Leader, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, AQUA and Candy, and the world's first scenario brand THREE WINGED BIRD. It has built the world's leading industrial Internet platform COSMOPlat and the IoT ecosystem brand YK Healthcare. Haier has deployed 10+N innovation ecosystems, 71 research institutes, 30 industrial parks, 122 manufacturing centers and more than 230,000 sales networks worldwide. Its entrepreneurship acceleration platform HCH has successfully incubated 7 unicorn companies, 102 gazelle companies, and 80 specialized and sophisticated enterprises.

With a focus on the real economy, Haier Group makes development planning for three major sectors: smart home and living, industrial internet and great healthcare. It is committed to working with its world-class ecosystem partners to continuously build high-end brands, scenario brands and ecosystem brands. The Group uses technological innovation to customize a personalized smart life for global users, to enable the digital transformation of business and institutional customers, to promote high-quality economic growth and sustainable social development.
Shanghai Shoujing Technology CO., Ltd13号馆-2009Shanghai Shoujing Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 2019, focuses on the research of augmented reality (AR) technology and is committed to providing customers with overall AR solutions.

Shoujing Technology has the core technologies of AR devices from display, hardware, interaction to driving software. The products have the functions of enhanced display, environmental perception, command and combat interaction, and intelligent recognition, helping the users to obtain real-time data support in applications and establish a visual and auditory digital environment. We focus on the B-end market, deeply cultivates the vertical industries, to meet the customized needs, and our products and solutions serve industry, security, culture and tourism, education and other fields, empowering industries and helping the implementation and application of AR technology.
UAVI Technology (Shenzhen) Limited13号馆-2012UAVI Technology (Shenzhen) Limited is the world's leading wooden consumer product design and development company, focusing on the combination of "exquisite wood" and "consumer Technology", committed to creating innovative wooden consumer products with advanced design concepts, environmental design attributes and high quality experience. WOODWOW is the core independent brand of UAVI, the main products include: intelligent electronics, entertainment toys, creative lamps, stationery gifts, home life and so on. UAVI will continue to cooperate with agents, partners and suppliers in different fields to jointly create a new consumer ecology of wood technology and achieve a win-win business between the brand and cooperative enterprises.
LKK Cultural Development Nanjing Co.,Ltd.12号馆-2023LKK was established in 2004, and quickly turned an industrial design company into an international creative design group with great strength. Besides, LKK is selected as one of the first national industrial design center identified by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of the PRC first batch of in 2013.
At present, LKK is committed to providing clients with a total solution to innovative product, including product strategy and research, industrial design, structural design, brand design, user interactive experience design, service design, production supply chain management and other business.
LKK has succeeded in helping clients all over the world develop thousands of products and won the favor of numerous bands at home and abroad including BMW, Audi, GM, Siemens, Samsung, Shell, Panasonic, GE, Dell, Audi, Lenovo, Midea, CNPC.
INESA12号馆-2116INESA (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “INESA”) is a large state-owned enterprise group, under the supervision of State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission (“SASAC”) of Shanghai Municipal Government.Adhering to the vision of "becoming the provider and operator of integrated solutions for smart cities" and the mission of "leading the development of information technology industry and supporting the digital transformation of cities", INESA focuses on the theme of high-quality development, and takes digital transformation as its main thread of development. Targeting a new generation of information technology industry characterized by the Internet of Things “IoT”, cloud computing, big data and artificial intelligence, INESA endeavors to enhance the core capacity of "double digital bases and double middle platforms", and consolidate the industrial structure, which takes assets management in the new generation of information technology industry, real estate and securities, as the group’s core business, and AI as its core business to be cultivated. By highlighting the industrial characteristics of "integrated application + core technology + operation service", it provides an integrated solution for smart cities that supports the whole-chain capacity of digital transformation featuring "IoT, cloud computing, big data and AI", empowering the digitization of economy, life and governance, supporting the construction of new smart cities and becoming the major force in Shanghai’s digital transformation.
Shenzhen Joint Online Technology Co.,Ltd12号馆-2141Shenzhen United Online Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to developing and selling electronic products such as intelligent wearable devices, combining glasses with acoustic systems, and has more than 60 patented technologies, which are mainly supplied to domestic and foreign brands, e-commerce and other domestic and foreign trade enterprises.Yishihua smart glasses combine small cavity spiral directional separation sound structure with glasses and other wearable devices to create more extreme audio-visual acoustic experience for customers and bring a new "smart wearing" experience in sports, leisure, home travel.The unique sound directional separation structure and open sound transmission lock the sound around the ear to form a stereo field effectAs a result, say goodbye to earphones that should not be worn for a long time.
Shenzhen Fanjing Star Technology Co.,LTD12号馆-2143Founded in 2014, Fanjing Star is an eight-year ODM/OEM business focused on AR/VR, have mastered AR/VR optics and whole machine development, 6DOF/SLAM, application development of main control platform under ARM architecture, eye tracking, special sensors and special imaging, human-computer interaction and ergonomics, etc. , dedicated to provide users with customized hardware devices and solutions.
CHUNG PAK(GUAGN DONG) BATTERY INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD12号馆-2234Chung Pak was found in 1980. Its head office is based in Hong Kong, with one factory site in Mainland China located in Shunde, Guangdong, employing a total of approximately 1,200 professionals.
Started as being a battery manufacturer, Chung Pak is now developed to have diversified of paper separator, Zinc material, metal plastic parts and tools manufacturing in addition to the core battery manufacturing business.
ShadeMe Sarl12号馆-2139ShadeMe is a Swiss start-up to deliver smart blinds and smart shading controllers to commerical buildings.

After five-year development in EPFL, ShadeMe offers decentralized anti-glare fully automated blinds for office buildings,

which embed a compact controller integrating sensors and processors inside, employing the most advanced technology to protect users from disturbance of the strong sunlight.

They maintain sufficient daylight in the building, while saving lighting, cooling and heating energy.

ShadeMe blinds are not only easy-to-install (setup) as decentralized units, but also feature an APP for personalized set-up in each room. They target for the office buildings, schools, hospitals, museums, factories, and residential villas.
Hexcal Inc.12号馆-2256Within the Tech Industry, Hexcal currently specializes in innovative hardware and software solutions to elevate workspace experience and performance.

Founded in the Department of Computing at Imperial College, London in 2015, Hexcal pursues a future of pervasive computing that syncs networks, hardware, and software to improve the efficiency and enjoyment of everyday tasks.

The prefix of “Hexcal" represents the Hexadecimal language, which we believe is the only common language understood by both Human and Machine. Just like "physical," "chemical," or "biological," the suffix “-cal” in Hexcal signifies that our R&D and production processes derive from the scientific method. Aiming to become the bridge between the human and cyber worlds, Hexcal was born to serve better human experience with computing technology.
Hainan Kangkang Technology Co., Ltd12号馆-2258Hainan Kangkang is committed to becoming a leading, sustainable and competitive provider of elderly care products and services in China with the core concept of "smart health care and smart company". With the powerful analysis and interaction functions of intelligent devices, it can help Chinese people to truly achieve a sense of security for the elderly, and effectively reduce the cost of elderly care institutions and families. At present, the exiting star product: Push to talk smart pager for the elderly, which is specially designed to provide personalized life services and emergency rescue for the elderly over 60 years old. The appearance is an innovative one button detachable waterproof non screen dial, which is simple and fashionable to operate. It provides 24-hour dedicated elderly care housekeeper continuous protection, one click emergency rescue ambulance free of charge and other services.
Shenzhen BAK Power Battery Co., Ltd13号馆-2716Established in 2001 in Shenzhen, BAK Battery has now developed into a leading international energy company integrating lithium batteries, new energy vehicles, recycle and cascade utilization of batteries. BAK’s product include power, digital and energy storage battery cells, battery pack and battery solution etc., mainly applied to the domains like new energy vehicles, intelligent terminal products and energy storage system.
BAK Battery based in China with global visions, to construct a global layout. Regarded the independent research and development product---core technology “ lithium battery” as the basis, BAK focus on promoting the power of new energy vehicles and the electric energy supply in the storage field. BAK is committed to becoming a Chinese national enterprise with a “Responsible Spirit” and industry leader of global lithium eco-chains.
The implementation of Chinese strategy “Peak Carbon Dioxide Emission and Carbon Neutrality” has brought a new round of development opportunities for the new energy market and posed new challenges for every enterprise in the industrial chain, especially the power battery manufacturing enterprise. In the future, low carbon or even zero carbon factories will become the standard, and BAK will continue to improve production capacity and quality, explore the application of recycled materials, improve production efficiency and use clean energy.
Connectivity Standards Alliance12号馆-2324Connectivity Standards Alliance (formerly known as the Zigbee Alliance) is the foundation and future of the Internet of Things. Established in 2002, our wide-ranging global membership collaborates to create and evolve universal open standards for the products transforming the way we live, work, and play. With our members’ deep and diverse expertise, robust certification programs, and a full suite of open IoT solutions we are leading the movement toward a more intuitive, imaginative, and useful world.
Qorvo12号馆-2324About Qorvo_x000D_
Qorvo (Nasdaq: QRVO) supplies innovative semiconductor solutions that make a better world possible. We combine product and technology leadership, systems-level expertise and global manufacturing scale to quickly solve our customers' most complex technical challenges. Qorvo serves diverse high-growth segments of large global markets, including consumer electronics, smart home/IoT, automotive, EVs, battery-powered appliances, network infrastructure, healthcare and aerospace/defense. Visit www.qorvo.com to learn how our diverse and innovative team is helping connect, protect and power our planet.
UL SOLUTIONS12号馆-2324A global leader in applied safety science, UL Solutions transforms safety, security and sustainability challenges into opportunities for customers in more than 100 countries. UL Solutions delivers testing, inspection and certification services, together with software products and advisory offerings, that support our customers’ product innovation and business growth.
LCIE CHINA12号馆-2324BV Group was founded in 1828 and is an industry booster for testing, inspection and certification services. With superior expertise, technical knowledge and a global presence, BV contributes to society as a whole by supporting its corporate customers through continuous management of risks to quality, safety, health and sustainability. Since its inception, BV Group has a network of 1,600 offices and laboratories in 140 countries and approximately 80,000 employees serving 400,000 customers in a variety of fields.

LCIE China was founded in 2000, has 21 years of operation history, covers an area of more than 8000 square meters, including 6500 square meters of test site, and more than 2800 sets of main instruments and equipment. Relying on the strong strength of Bureau Veritas group and its professional team in Europe, America and Asia, the company can provide a series of professional services for related enterprises.
BEKEN CORPORATION12号馆-2324Beken Corporation (SSE: 603068) was founded in December 2004 by a technical team from Silicon Valley. It focuses on application field of intelligent transportation and smart home, which is a well-known listed enterprise in the design field of wireless connection chip design for the IoT in China.
We have complete wireless communication product platform, supporting rich wireless protocols and communication standards. We provide chips of wireless connection system level (SOC) with low power consumption and high performance for RF receiver and transmitter and integrated microprocessor for domestic and foreign customers including many world-famous brands, and also provides complete wireless communication solutions for intelligent transportation and Internet of Things and other applications.The company is headquartered in in Pudong, Shanghai and has subsidiaries and technical branches in Shenzhen, Beijing, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Hong Kong and Athens.
Texas Instruments12号馆-2324Texas Instruments has been a promoter member of the Connectivity Standards Alliance for more than 10 years, and is an Early Adopter in Matter standard and Thread Group Contributor Member. TI is Engaged with 40+ building automation, lighting, remote control, and appliance customers with over 500Mu/yr TAM, and has the experience needed to help bring Matter solutions to the market. TI’s Software Development Kit will be ready on day one when Matter GA releases 1.0 specification. TI’s hardware development kits and software offerings will enable Matter users to quickly develop their solution and bring it to production.
Espressif Systems12号馆-2324 2325Espressif Systems is a public, multinational, fabless, semiconductor company established in 2008. We have a passionate team of engineers and scientists from all over the world, focused on developing cutting-edge, yet cost-effective, SoCs that achieve low-power, wireless communication. Espressif is proud of its high-performance hardware, as well as its development frameworks which are designed in-house from the ground up. Espressif provides millions of users with a variety of secure AIoT solutions relating to facial recognition, voice interaction, mesh networking, human interaction and Cloud connectivity, across the whole wide world.
NXP Semiconductors12号馆-2324NXP Semiconductors N.V. (NASDAQ: NXPI) enables a smarter, safer and more sustainable world through innovation. As the world leader in secure connectivity solutions for embedded applications, NXP is pushing boundaries in the automotive, industrial & IoT, mobile, and communication infrastructure markets.
Nordic Semiconductor12号馆-2324Nordic Semiconductor is a Norwegian fabless semiconductor company specializing in wireless communication technology that powers the Internet of Things (IoT). Nordic was established in 1983 and has more than 1300 employees across the globe. Our award-winning Bluetooth Low Energy solutions pioneered ultra-low power wireless, making us the global market leader. Our technology range was later supplemented by ANT+, Thread and Zigbee, and in 2018 we launched our low power, compact LTE-M/NB-IoT cellular IoT solutions to extend the penetration of the IoT. The Nordic portfolio was further complemented by Wi-Fi technology in 2021.

We built our market reputation by supplying leading-edge wireless technologies supported by development tools that shield the designer from RF complexity, allowing anyone with a bright idea to build innovations based on the IoT platform. Today, our award-winning, high-performance, yet easy to design-in, Bluetooth LE solutions are used by the world’s leading brands in a variety of products, including wireless PC peripherals, gaming, sports and fitness, mobile phone accessories, consumer electronics, toys, healthcare and automation. Nordic is a member of the ANT+ Alliance, Bluetooth SIG, Thread Group, Zigbee Alliance, Wi-Fi Alliance, and GSMA.
Telink Semiconductor Co., Ltd.12号馆-2324Telink Semiconductor is a fabless IC design company of state-of-the-art wireless connectivity SoCs. Through years of research and development, Telink has built a comprehensive product portfolio and become one of the world-leading IC suppliers in this field.

Telink's products can be widely used in various consumer and commercial IoT applications, including smart retail, consumer electronics, smart lighting, home automation, medical devices, warehousing and logistics, audio, and entertainment. Our SoCs are powering devices from Hanshow, Xiaomi, Logitech, Home Control, Tuya, Ledvance, Renesas, iFLYTEK, Skyworth, Sharp, Panasonic, Nvidia, Harman, and many other brands.
Silicon Labs12号馆-2324Silicon Labs (NASDAQ: SLAB) is a leader in secure, intelligent wireless technology for a more connected world. Our integrated hardware and software platform, intuitive development tools, unmatched ecosystem, and robust support make us an ideal long-term partner in building advanced industrial, commercial, home, and life applications. We make it easy for developers to solve complex wireless challenges throughout the product lifecycle and get to market quickly with innovative solutions that transform industries, grow economies, and improve lives. Silabs.com
STMicroelectronics12号馆-2324At ST, we are 48,000 creators and makers of semiconductor technologies mastering the semiconductor supply chain with state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. An integrated device manufacturer, we work with more than 200,000 customers and thousands of partners to design and build products, solutions, and ecosystems that address their challenges and opportunities, and the need to support a more sustainable world. Our technologies enable smarter mobility, more efficient power and energy management, and the wide-scale deployment of the Internet of Things and connectivity technology. ST is committed to becoming carbon neutral by 2027. Further information can be found at www.st.com.
Wi-Fi Alliance12号馆-2325Wi-Fi Alliance® is the worldwide network of companies that brings you Wi-Fi®, one of the world’s most valued communications technologies. Our vision is to connect everyone and everything, everywhere.

Wi-Fi Alliance drives global Wi-Fi adoption and evolution through thought leadership, spectrum advocacy, and industry-wide collaboration. Our work includes the development of innovative technologies, requirements, and test programs that help ensure Wi-Fi provides users the interoperability, security, and reliability they have come to expect.
SuZhou ELITOES Intellectual Technology Ltd. co.12号馆-2325
ASR Microelectronics Co., Ltd.12号馆-2325ASR Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (ASR, 688220.SH) is engaged in wireless communications and manufacturing of semiconductor products. Since its establishment, the company has been focusing on R&D and technological innovation of wireless chips. It has also expanded its business from designing and supplying baseband communication chips and multi-protocol non-cellular IoT chips to high-speed SoC customization and semiconductor licensing services. ASR is one of a few companies in China that have made technological and product breakthroughs in 5G and AI. Our products have a wide variety of uses, from consumer electronics such as smartphones and smart wearable devices to the IoT market, including smart security, smart homes, and autonomous driving.

ASR will continue to maintain high quality standards to develop next-generation communication technologies and diversify its products. We aim to seize opportunities in emerging markets and become a world-class company based in China.
Beijing ESWIN Computing Technology Co., Ltd12号馆-2325Beijing ESWIN Computing Technology Co., Ltd. (referred to as "ESWIN Computing" hereinafter) is an IC and solutions provider of new generation computing architecture with RISC-V CPU as the core. Centered upon smart home, smart park, smart transportation, wireless communication, industrial IoT and other application scenarios, ESWIN Computing is committed to providing customers with IC and solutions in areas including multimedia systems, display interaction, smart connectivity, power management, smart computing, and automotive systems, to promote the development of computing network brought by cloud and internet integration in the era of AIoT.

In 2019, ESWIN Computing began to develop its own RISC-V computing architecture, and has completed the development of a series of 32-bit core processors, which have been applied to dozens of proprietary IC products; 64-bit core high-performance processors will soon be tape-out, and related IC products will be used in scenarios such as multimedia, edge computing, wearable devices and general computing.

ESWIN Computing has a highly experienced R&D team and operations management team. Headquartered in Beijing, the company has R&D centers in Beijing, Xi'an, Haining, Hefei, Chengdu, Shanghai, Nanjing, Shenzhen, Changsha, Suzhou, Guangzhou, Britain, South Korea, Japan, etc., and has marketing bases in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Qingdao, Hefei, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Chengdu, Mianyang, Fuqing, South Korea, Japan, the United States, etc.
Hangzhou Tuya Information Technology Co., Ltd.12号馆-2325Tuya Smart is a global IoT development platform service provider that offers a cloud platform, connecting a range of devices via the IoT. Tuya bridges the intelligent needs of brands, OEMs, developers, and retail chains, and we empower our partners and customers by improving the value of their products while making consumers’ lives more convenient through the application of technology.
Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd.12号馆-2325Ruijie
Sichuan Changhong Network Technologies Co.,Ltd.12号馆-2325Sichuan Changhong Network Technologies Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the “Company”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sichuan Changhong Electric Co. Ltd. The Company is an industry leader specializing in the development, manufacture and global marketing of both software and hardware solutions. For more than 20 years, the Company has persistently served more than 100 mainstream Telecom and broadcasting operators, along with vertical industry service providers around the world, achieving mutual growth with its partners.
Focusing on strategic emerging industries such as 5G, IoT, UHD video and AI, the Company is committed to providing its global partners with total systematic solutions including “full-bandwidth network access and coverage”, “smart media terminals”, “IoT end-to-end solutions” and “pan-intelligent terminals”.
Gmtech12号馆-3012Gmtech Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise engaged in the quality, quality control aspects of optical three-dimensional testing equipment and software sales and measurement technology services. The company is located in Suzhou Xiangcheng high-speed rail New City. At present, the brand agent has Germany Zeiss GOM, Sweden HEXAGON, Germany YXLON, PMT and so on. The business types of the company include: sales and services of 3D scanning (blue light photography and handheld laser) equipment, laser tracker equipment, laser gap surface aberration meter (online and offline) equipment, industrial detection CT, joint arm coordinate, defect detection equipment and software.
Shanghai Qianqiu Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd.13号馆-3233Our product, Qianqiu VR Rehabilitation system for ASD pediatric patients, targeting the rehabilitation gap of school-age patients with autism, which is the outcome of a non-profit co-research project with Shanghai Mental Health Center(SMHC). Virtual reality technology is used to create an immersive world for patients to train and practice their skills in a safe circumstance. Based on the professional experience, we construct multiple virtual reality training scenes, allowing users to experience real life and social scenes in the training session. In different virtual scenes such as subway, supermarket and playground, training tasks that are impossible to practice repeatedly in normal life can be used to improve the cognition, independent living and social skills of autistic patients. And we are continually developing and enrich our VR scenes to seek more ideas for our system.
Stratosphere (Shenzhen)Robotics.Co.,Ltd13号馆-3234ZEROMESS® was founded in 2020 (by Stratophere (Shenzhen)Robotics.Co.,Ltd), focusing on the design and production of smart household cleaning robots. Combining four years of Technology accumulation in the field of unmanned driving and AI algorithms, we dedicate to offering an innovative, practical and well-designed product.
'Open up your easy life' as the brand slogan, Zeromess® is committed to let technology service life and continue to explore the new possibilities of smart home. Our goal is to create a comfortable household environment and bring ease to our customers.
Great Wall Motor Company Limited13号馆-3302Great Wall Motor is a global intelligent technology company, committed to serving the intelligent and green travel of global users. Great Wall Motor's business includes the design, R & D, production, sales and service of automobiles and parts. It also carries out the whole industrial chain layout in the fields of clean energy such as hydrogen energy and solar energy, focusing on the R & D and application of forward-looking technologies such as intelligent Internet connection, intelligent driving and chips. It has five complete vehicle brands including HAVAL, WEY, ORA, TANK and POER.
JAC GROUP13号馆-3326暂无
Shanghai Westwell Information and Technology Company Ltd.13号馆-3336Shanghai Westwell Information and Technology Company Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as WESTWELL) is an innovative AI company.
WESTWELL is aiming to use AI to empower various industries, trying to be the pioneer of intelligent service industry.
‘From human to human’ is the slogan of WESTWELL, As an AI company that provides full-stack of research and developing ability, WESTWELL is aiming to 'use the wisdom sourced from humans for human' that can help human to embrace a better future.
WESTWELL is driven by the intelligent upgrade and the utilization of the underlying computing power, combined with algorithms and systems, and is committed to promote the deep integration of the service industry with the intelligent manufacturing industry in the great logistics and smart city operating industries, to realize an efficient, economical, safe and an expandable intelligent basic ecosystem. At the same time, WESTWELL is practicing the initial intention of protecting the green earth, and strongly supports the realization of the goal of 'carbon neutrality and peak carbon dioxide emission'.
Through the unique application scenario understanding ability, WESTWELL insist on using the artificial intelligence (AI) commercial mass application to drive independent technological innovation, to create more efficient and sustainable productivity value to end users. The two flagship products/solutions WellOcean (AI Intelligent full-stack port solution), and Qomolo (the green energy unmanned driving commercial vehicle solution), are making the full-stack, multi-scenario AI applicant portfolio simpler and faster.
Till now, the unmanned driving commercial vehicle solution and AI port full-stack solution of WESTWELL is leading the market and the business has spread to more than 100 contracted customers globally.
Tanway Technology (Beijing)Co., Ltd13号馆-3708Tanway is a pioneer in the era of LiDAR 3.0 and a supplier of in-vehicle systems for hardware based Image fusion .The founding team of Tanway is mainly from the State Key Laboratory of The Department of Precision Instrument, Tsinghua University. As early as 2008, Tanway started to engage in the technology research and development of lidar system. So far, Tanway has many of the world's leading technologies in solid state scanning, TOF chips and image fusion.
Tanway Technology's business has covered CVIS, Intelligent logistic, Autonomous Driving and other diversified applications. In future, Tanway will empower passenger car market with auto-grade solid-state LiDAR and image fusion based on hardware, provide OEMs with industry-leading LiDAR solutions, make the future mobility safer and better.
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Webasto (Shanghai) Ltd.13号馆-3716Webasto entered China OE market in 2001 and quickly became the market leader of sunroof in China's auto market. At present, Webasto mainly develops and produces roof systems, convertibles, heating systems, battery systems and charging solutions for automobile manufacturers in China, and it has 11 sites and more than 4,000 employees in China. In order to better meet the needs of Chinese customers for localized technology development, the company established a R&D center in Shanghai in 2004, and an auto roof plant and a battery center in Jiaxing in 2019. The Jiaxing Battery Center is capable of providing localized battery pack development and testing services, and is also the first battery pack manufacturing base of Webasto in China. The Wuhan plant, which opened in 2019, is also the Asia Pacific manufacturing base for Webasto High Voltage Heaters and charging products. In addition, Webasto will deepen its presence in China with a new regional headquarters and R&D center in Shanghai.
Alibaba Group12号馆-1002Alibaba was founded on September 10, 1999. Over the past two decades, we have evolved from an e-commerce company into a tech-powered digital platform with businesses spanning digital commerce, smart logistics, cloud computing, local life services and entertainment, among others. Currently, we are serving hundreds of millions of consumers and tens of millions of smalland medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Adhering to our mission “to make it easy to do business anywhere,” we are building commercial infrastructure, growing the consumer market and helping all sectors develop through digital transformation.

We aspire to be a good company that will last for 102 years. We envision that our customers will meet, work and live at Alibaba. Our vision for fiscal year 2036 is to serve 2 billion global consumers, enable 10 million businesses to be profitable and create 100 million jobs.
China Electronics Chamber of Commerce13号馆-1302The selection of the “Asian Electronic Information Technology Industry Products Innovation Awards” is organized by the Secretariat of the Asian Electronics Forum (AEF), with the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce (CECC) as the strategic partner, XiaoFeiBao as the only designated Internet cooperation platform, and Consumer Electronics Magazine as the official media support.
The Asian Electronic Information Technology Industry Products Innovation Awards is based on the Asian Electronics Forum, an annual event in the Asian electronics industry. The award not only represents the highest level of innovation in Asia, but also reflects the company’s dominant position in market competition.
The selection activity aims to narrow the distance between electronic technology innovation products and consumers, build the image of high-end electronic products, expand corporate brand influence, pay tribute to the leaders of electronic technology innovation, and seamless docking with authorities, business associations, enterprises, products and technologies from all over the world, and conduct in-depth exchanges on the development direction of the industry to promote the rapid and healthy development of the consumer electronics industry.
Dell Technologies13号馆-1302Dell Technologies help organizations and individuals build their digital future and transform how they work, live and play. We provides customers with the industry's broadest and most innovative products, technology, solutions and services portfolio for the data era.
DeepBlue Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.12号馆-2128Founded in 2014, DeepBlue Technology is a fast-growing Artificial Intelligence leader. As a platform-based world-class AI Maker, DeepBlue‘s technology have been widely deployed in the fields of smart cars, smart environments, and smart cities. Based on the concept of "Serving Humanity through AI", the company is committed to basic research and application development of fundamental AI technologies. Relying on core technologies such as computer vision, bio-intelligence, and cognitive intelligence with independent intellectual property rights, it has won championships in many top computer science and artificial intelligence fields in the world, including PAKDD, IEEEISI, CVPR, SIGIR, KDD, and ICCV.Since its inception, DeepBlue Technology has established regional headquarters, branch R & D institutions or international sales networks in Asia, Europe, the Americas, Oceania, Africa and many other places, and has established joint ventures with Greenland Group and Japan's AEON Group.
In addition, DeepBlue Technology is one of the few AI companies that has been selected by the Chinese government to helm joint-research centres, and has set up institutes with Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Central South University, and many other well-known institutions at home and abroad, including artificial intelligence, autonomous driving, AI chips, 5G applications and computer vision, thus validating the integral role that the DeepBlue Academy of Sciences has for the company and the wider AI community.
kxtechnologies12号馆-2140Kuangxing Technology is a technology company focusing on software and hardware development and production of XR immersive experience products.
For customers such as cultural and tourism scenic spots, training and education, science and technology museums, and commercial exhibitions in the automotive field, we will provide personalized product software and hardware customization development and intelligent motion control development solutions, immersive body solutions, automotive driving simulator series products, and innovative brand solutions for commercial exhibitions in the automotive field.
Kuangxing Technology is committed to providing customers with innovative products with high quality, fast delivery and high-quality services.
Allite (Jiangsu) Magnesium Technology Company Limited, China12号馆-1025A wholly owned business unit of COVATION Group, determined to become a global leader in the R&D, manufacturing and application of new materials. Allite Inc. is committed to becoming the partner-of-choice for best-in-class brands looking to improve product performance using our sustainable Super Magnesium™ alloy.
Dengyu (Shanghai) Culture Communication Co., Ltd.12号馆-1045Driven by fusion of art & technology and focusing on interdisciplinary content production. Covering two major product lines: Innovative Performing Arts & Cultural Tourism. Dedicated to developing new types of live culture & entertainment with an international vision and a fusion of art and technology. Leading the reformation of new consumption patterns of culture and entertainment with a twin-engine model as "production + operation".
Autohome Inc.13号馆-3052Autohome Inc. (NYSE: ATHM; HKEX: 2518) is the leading online destination for automobile consumers in China. Its mission is to enhance the car-buying and ownership experience for auto consumers in China. Autohome provides professionally produced and user-generated content, a comprehensive automobile library, and extensive automobile listing information to automobile consumers, covering the entire car purchase and ownership cycle. The ability to reach a large and engaged user base of automobile consumers has made Autohome a preferred platform for automakers and dealers to conduct their advertising campaigns. Further, the Company’s dealer subscription and advertising services allow dealers to market their inventory and services through Autohome’s platform, extending the reach of their physical showrooms to potentially millions of internet users in China and generating sales leads for them. The Company offers sales leads, data analysis, and marketing services to assist automakers and dealers with improving their efficiency and facilitating transactions. As a transaction-centric company, Autohome operates its “Autohome Mall,” a full-service online transaction platform, to facilitate transactions for automakers and dealers. Further, through its website and mobile applications, it also provides other value-added services, including auto financing, auto insurance, used car transactions, and aftermarket services.
Beijing EnlightV Technology Co., Ltd.12号馆-1033Beijing EnlightV Technology Co.,Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise which has been focusing on the R&D of industrial software and Internet products, providing core technologies and corresponding solutions for the digital entertainment and show industry.
EnlightV technology owns two world-renowned media server brands, "Hirender All-media Master Control" and "hecoos All Range Production", and has served many national-level events such as the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics opening and closing ceremonies, and has a broad domestic market share. It has independently completed the R&D of information system "EnlightV Elf" to empower enterprise management and venue operations, from OA, CRM, work order system, inventory system to intelligent management of scenic spots, to promote the digital transformation of the exhibition industry. EnlightV technology has been focusing on the core concept of "Technology Empowering Art", and has created "EnlightV Future Media Center", which has provided full-process support from project planning to implementation for digital art creation. ElightV technology also has built the "ARTBOOK" online education platform, and provided professional and high-quality knowledge services for the exhibition industry. It has developed the immersive social and meeting platform "M33T", empowering online meetings, performances, exhibitions and other activities, and enhancing the immersive experience of business social networking.
Deepening industry layout and building product matrix, EnlightV technology has kept practicing in technology, culture and art areas. Thus it can empower culture new business development with scientific and technological power, and communicate Chinese culture in the New Era by using technical innovation.
Dongguan Dongsong Electronic Co., Ltd.13号馆-1635Dongguan Dongsong Electronic Co., Ltd has been focusing on R&D, production and sales of power adapters for more than 20 years. Its headquarter islocated in Songshan Lake Science and Technology Industrial Park of Dongguan, there are 3 production bases in total, 2 are in China and 1 in Vietnam, among which Hunan Yueyang Dongsong Industrial Park has achieved fully automated production. The products we produce include IT, audio and video adapters, small household appliances adapters, medical power adapters, waterproof power supplies, open frame power supplies, all have obtained UL, FCC, CE, GS, RCM, UKCA, CCC, PSE etc certifications.
Nanjing Qiaofeng Technology Pty Ltd12号馆-1702Qiaofeng has been dedicated to storage sales for 22 years
GfK China赞助商GfK is the unparalleled, always-on, AI-powered intelligence platform and consulting service for the consumer products industry, globally, focusing on solving the core business problems encountered by enterprises and providers the best solutions for customers in various industries through retail research, consumer research, B2B research, and big data research.
GfK has been a global leader in data and analytics, providing consumer and market insights for over 88 years. From our inception, we have placed our clients’ and partners’ trust at the core of our values. We are a company that leads with innovation – our highly experienced engineers, consultants and data scientists have continuously pushed industry boundaries with new methodologies and measurement technologies, to help our clients succeed.
With the development of digital intelligence era, GfK, as a leading innovative technology company, has revolutionized the way users access real-time operational advice with reliable data, insights, and advanced artificial intelligence application programs, helping customers improve their efficiency in marketing, sales, and organization. GfK's commitment to "Growth from Knowledge" as an engine for our partners' sustainable development.
WAT Medical Technology Inc.13号馆-1388WAT Med is a company that develops safe, effective, and user-friendly smart medical
technologies. Our current products primarily target two common medical conditions:
nausea-induced vomiting, and primary migraines.
We understand the side-effects of current drug treatments, and how they often turn
people away from such treatments. As a result, we developed a drug-free treatment
that uses precise transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) that are
specialized to target certain areas of the body for specific treatments.
We hope to provide a comfortable treatment for the patients, and significantly
decrease, if not eliminate, the use of drug treatments for these conditions.
Our current products:
EmeTerm: An anti-nausea wristband that uses electrical impulses to stimulate the
central nervous system through the median nerve to control gastric contractions and
stop vomiting signals from the brain.
HeadaTerm: An anti-migraine headband that uses electrical impulses to activate the
opioid receptors in the central nervous system to relieve natural opiates in the body
and decreases the migraine sensation. World’s 1st disposable anti-migraine device.
The most portable and affordable.
Hangzhou EZVIZ Network Co., Ltd13号馆-1388Since 2013, EZVIZ is dedicated to putting “easy vision” in every home –
that is, we strive to build simple yet powerful smart home devices and
appliances to provide visual protection and tangible joy to every family.
A global leader in smart home security, EZVIZ empowers the future of
smart, connected living through relentless tech innovations, reliable highquality products and trustworthy cloud services. With footprint in more
than 130 countries, we've been trusted by millions of users and families.
Zhejiang Kitchen Idea Technology Co., Ltd.13号馆-1388-5Kitchen Idea Technology Co., Ltd. as a specialized research on intelligent high-end kitchen service providers, Specialized on product development, sales, manufacturing, logistics, one-stop procurement, service. Kitchen Idea has dozens of patents. Sales cover global market with annual quantity of 500,000 units, millions of overseas home and nearly 100 well-known companies around the world. With product innovation as the strategic focus of enterprises, Kitchen Idea Technology is committed to using the power of science and technology to build the future cloud kitchen ecology and leading the third kitchen revolution. Becoming a healthy food cloud butler for Chinese consumers, making the cooking life of millions of Chinese families more simply, health and more interesting.
Hengbaihuiban Software Co., Ltd13号馆-1388Hengbaihuiban Software Co., Ltd is a research and development enterprise focusing on the classification management of office documents and important articles and the Internet management of electronic documents. The company independently researched and launched new intelligent office file cabinet, electronic file cloud service, and personal office business intelligent portable cabinet, which will reshape the office mode of enterprises and individuals and greatly improve office efficiency.
Corporate Vision: Improve office experience and make work more efficient
Enterprise mission: Practice kung fu, continue to focus on innovation, improve user experience

*Continuously updating