Great Tech Awards

Introducing the Great Tech Awards

Technology is a guiding light for humanity, and the power of technological innovation that is now driving forward new generations of innovators on this planet – from the rise of driverless cars to cloud-based data platforms – is one in the same as that which has been unleashed throughout the history of scientific and technological progress – from the invention of the wheel to Ford’s Model T, from the invention of writing to the telegram.

Tech G will soon become Asia’s leading consumer technology event, providing the ideal platform for enterprises of all sizes to enhance their brand presence and communicate their visions to professional audiences. Pioneers and influencers from across the industry will gather alongside leaders and experts in science and technology to jointly build the Great Tech Awards platform to honor and pay tribute to the trend-setters and visionaries that together are crafting technology for life into a brighter future for all.

These Awards aim to cast a spotlight on the zeitgeist of the consumer electronics industry, selecting nascent technology products making waves in professional circles and standing out in the minds of consumers to feature in the Great Tech Awards. They will cover 19 product categories, including: Mobility Tech; Smart Home; Robotics; Unmanned Aerial Vehicles; Audio & Video Tech; Augmented/Virtual Reality (AR/VR) Tech; Health & Sports Tech; Leisure Tech; and Accessories.

XiaoFeiBao and Consumer Electronics Magazine – is the official award partner of the G-Tech Awards, with an eminent reputation in professional product evaluation and generating publicity. Through official online voting platforms and high-profile public evaluation, it will work with Tech G to score competing products, the winners of which will be featured in the Great Tech Fan Awards.

The Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business, the academic partner of Tech G, will provide academic judges, access to alumni and corporate publicity. Participating enterprises can submit up to 2 candidates, and following review Tech G will put them forward to run for the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business & Tech G Intelligent Innovation Scholarship. Award winners will receive a full scholarship worth 80,000 Yuan or more.

Tech G will work closely with XiaoFeiBao and Cheung Kong Graduate School through a joint professional evaluation panel to select the 2021 Tech G’s Great Tech Awards.

Presenting the Great Tech Awards

1. Award Categories

The Great Tech Awards will be divided into the following awards:

Innovation is the key to scientific and technological progress. The ingenuity of applying new science and technology to consumer products will continue to guide people’s lifestyles into the future. Through the G-Tech Creation Awards the most innovative products currently emerging onto the consumer market will be comprehensively evaluated, with winners featured over 19 distinct categories.

Design is a quintessential part of technology, and good design not only projects aesthetic beauty, but also embodies a deeper spirit of expression, as the G-Tech Design Awards will show. Design can be practical and functional, or it can be versatile and adaptable. It conveys the meaning behind a brand, opening up a product’s technology so that people can truly experience its charm and potential.

The ongoing development of science and technology empowers the progress human civilization, quietly advancing the quality of life of us all. The G-Tech Contribution Awards are in recognition of products that have made special contributions towards pandemic prevention, carbon neutralization, social security, health and wellbeing, agriculture and animal husbandry, or that have played a revolutionary role in a certain industry or field.
Nominations are open to all scientific and technological contributions, so you are encouraged to apply.

Consumers are the end-users and beneficiaries of consumer electronic products. They are closest to the products and have the longest time to get along with them. They also have the floor and final word in the performance of products, which is of great significance to the continuous innovation and progress of consumer technology. The G-Tech Fan Awards therefore aims to directly connect products, enterprises and consumers.

2. Eligibility Criteria

  • Applicants must be exhibitors of the show.
  • Products must be newly released in 2021, in the prototyping stage, or planned to be launched within one year (by September 2022).
  • Products must be in the form of applied technologies, and not simply conceptual design.
  • Award winning products will be required to be displayed on site.

3. Rewards

  1. Products will benefit from unique exposure to industry leaders through comprehensive evaluation, and award winners will gain recognition among broad and diverse audiences of industry professionals.
  2. Award winning products will be displayed and experienced free of charge in a special area on site. Products with strong appeal that can be safely demonstrated may also be integrated into the on-site experience zone.
  3. The Awards Ceremony will be held on-site, and award winning products will be officially broadcast live to gain popular exposure and foster business opportunities.
  4. The official Tech G show website will display award winning products’ information.
  5. Publicity exposure also includes promotion via official Tech G show media platforms, including through WeChat, Weibo, Twitter, Facebook and more, as well as exposure to the show’s extensive network of media partners.
  6. For the scholarship support of Cheung Kong Business School: all participating enterprises will have the opportunity to obtain an MBA through recommended study on the Intelligent Innovation Scholarship.