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Tech G Frontier Forum

Tech G Frontier Forum will be held at Pudong Kerry Hotel and SNIEC at show days. These special forums will share insight into the cutting-edge technologies of different industries engaged in the consumer electronics field. They are committed to enlightening all on the future development trends in the world of consumer technology. Industry leaders and technical experts will take to the stage to caste their hopes and dreams for the industry, offering inspiration, practical know-how, overcoming adversity and unique perspectives from the very heights of the industry.

Tech G Frontier Forum Opening Forum

The opening forum intends to invite Shanghai government leaders, international technology company executives, industry opinion leaders, and senior analysts to jointly discuss technological breakthroughs, industrial applications and future development trends in the consumer electronics technology industry under the guidance of policies.

``Future of IoT * Smart Change `` 10th Global IoT Summit-Tech G Shanghai International Consumer Electronics Show Opening Forum

The opening forum intends to invite Shanghai government leaders, international technology company executives, industry opinion leaders, and senior analysts to jointly discuss technological breakthroughs, industrial applications and future development trends in the consumer electronics technology industry under the guidance of policies. Comprehensively advancing digital transformation is the key to facing the future and shaping core competitiveness. Digitization is changing human society with an irreversible trend. In particular, the Covid-19 epidemic has further accelerated the full arrival of the digital age. Digitization has increasingly become the core driving force for economic and social development. The digitalization of life, economy and governance will be gradually realized in the 14th Five-Year Plan, and Shanghai will also become an international digital capital with world influence in 2035.

Regarding digital transformation, this summit will invite government leaders, digital transformation experts, operators, and industry leaders to discuss the direction of digital transformation that the whole society will face in the next decade, helping individuals, enterprises, organizations, and institutions, jointly look for development opportunities in the digital transformation.

Tech G Frontier Forum Branch Conferences

Across the 19 categories of consumer electronics technology, the sub-forums will deeply discuss cutting-edge technologies in different industries such as automotive electronics, mobile communications, 5G, artificial intelligence, smart real estate, smart home, start-up technology, smart marketing, and ARVR. Industry leaders and technical experts will share practical application solutions and analyze technical pain points with professional audiences.

The 10th Global IoT Summit-Urban Governance Digital Summit

“Life, organism” is the new definition of smart city. Shanghai has taken the lead in exploring new experiences and creatively solving mega-city governance and development problems with digital methods; taking the lead in transforming new kinetic energy, using data elements to comprehensively improve urban governance capabilities and governance levels, and creating a digitalized urban life experience for all people.

Shanghai is using digitalization to promote a more balanced, more accurate and sufficient basic livelihood security, such as public health, health, education, pension, employment, and social security, to create a number of digital demonstration scenarios such as smart hospitals, digital campuses, and community life services. Accelerate the digital transformation of urban public facilities, and build digital business circle platforms, community smart logistics networks, new energy facility terminals, and other life “new infrastructure”. And systematically plan the “urban neuron system”, scientifically deploy video images, monitoring and sensing, control execution and other perception terminals to realize the comprehensive AIoT of urban elements. Regarding the digitalization of urban governance, this summit will invite functional department leaders, digital transformation experts, operators, and industry leaders to discuss the technological breakthroughs and life changes that will occur in the digital transformation of Shanghai’s urban governance during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

The 10th Global IoT Summit-Smart Health and Elderly Industry Summit Forum (and the 9th International Health Internet of Things Conference)

Innovative products, applications and services such as smart health and elderly care service platforms, smart wearable products, smart rehabilitation products, Internet hospitals, and telemedicine have gradually developed towards marketization.

At the same time, around high-frequency matters and service scenarios such as travel and medical treatment of the elderly, relevant departments have introduced various measures to ensure the basic service needs of the elderly, so that the elderly can better enjoy the “wisdom-health-care “Convenient services brought by the “digital life”. This summit will invite functional department leaders, smart health and elderly care experts, operators, and representatives of national demonstration enterprises to discuss the development direction and phased results of digital transformation of elderly care, and jointly explore opportunities in digital transformation of elderly care.

2021 (12th) China Automotive Electronics Industry Development (Shanghai) International Summit Forum and Automotive Intelligent Computing System Industry Development Forum

Intelligent networked vehicles are increasingly transformed from transportation tools to new mobile intelligent terminals. Changes in automobile functions and attributes have led to changes in its electrical and electronic architecture, which requires stronger computing, data storage, and communication capabilities as the foundation. Vehicle-mounted intelligent computing systems are an important solution to meet the above requirements. As the “brain” of the car, the in-vehicle intelligent computing system is the core of the new automotive electronic and electrical architecture and the main battlefield of the new smart automotive electronics industry.

At present, the development of automotive intelligent computing systems is highly valued by major countries around the world, including the Chinese government, and the industry is also accelerating relevant exploration and practice. The automotive intelligent computing system involves technical fields such as chips, software, communications, sensing and control. It is a basic, forward-looking and overall system engineering, and will become the common foundation for promoting the automotive industry from a closed ecology to an open ecology. It has gradually become the core driving force leading the development of automotive electronics. The importance of its technical difficulty, economic scale and strategic influence will quickly become prominent in the process of future automotive industry reform and industrial chain reshaping.

Travel Service and Experience Innovation Forum

The automotive industry has entered a new era of rapid change. Under the opportunities and challenges, each automotive company has returned to the foundation of value creation, thinking about the reasons for existence in the market, and clarifying the relationship between “people-cars-life” and redefining automotive. Driven by electrification, interconnection, autonomous driving technology and mobile ownership models, what kind of unprecedented user experience will the integration of physical and digital bring? In the wave of digitalization, automobiles have evolved from traditional vehicles to mobile intelligent terminals, exchanging traditional automobile industry ecology and value chain. The conference will also discuss how to build consumer-conscious service innovations and sustainably create value.

Leadership Summit-Redefining the Car: People-Cars-Life
User experience design innovation
Roundtable Discussion-Service Innovation Directly to Consumers

Consumer Electronics Industry Development Forum

Forum topic: New technologies spawn new markets-New scenes reshape new lives.

The conference is aimed at professionals and distributors in the consumer electronics and home appliance industries, as well as industry media,analyzing the development trends and market prospects of the consumer electronics industry in recent years under the influence of the Internet and big data technologies in the form of keynote speeches, high-level dialogues, and data releases. The topics of the seminar will be closely related to the cutting-edge technologies and applications of the consumer electronics industry. The content involves: 5G, A, flexible electronics, new displays, digital health and wearables, smart homes, smart travel, robotics, VR/AR and other technical fields.

Forum discussion topics include:
▲Transformation and market development trends of traditional home appliances and consumer electronics industries under the influence of the Internet and artificial intelligence innovation technologies;
▲Analysis of the market status and application scenarios of the smart life industry
▲Intelligent consumer products trends and market characteristics;
▲The transformation of the travel industry driven by artificial intelligence and the opportunities in the travel consumer market;
▲The development trend of new technologies in the smart home and smart travel industry;
▲Transformation and market opportunities of traditional consumer electronics distributors in the era of artificial intelligence;

2021 China International Audio Technology Conference

“Better sound, better future, better future, start with “sound”
The conference intends to invite industry leaders such as the Department of Electronics of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology to interpret industry policies; invite top international and domestic industry leaders to give keynote speeches; arrange roundtable dialogues for industry leaders; and release the “2021 China Electronic Audio Industry White Paper”. This conference closely follows the theme of “Better Future, Start with Sound”, and discusses the wide application of new technologies, such as active noise reduction (ANC), voice interaction/recognition/enhancement, 3D Audio, surround sound (VR), smart music, a new generation of codec transmission bring new experiences to consumers, in different product sections such as TWS headsets, smart speakers, smart homes, conference systems, audio and video multimedia, car audio/smart cockpits, audio-related chips and others, to lead the industry development trend in the “post-epidemic era”.

2021 Ultra High Definition Video Industry Summit

Ultra High Definition Video (UHD) is a new round of major technological innovation following the digitization and high definition of video, which will lead to changes in every link of the industrial chain such as video acquisition, production, transmission, showing and application. With the theme of “5G lights 8K new horizon” , the summit aims to strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the field of 8K UHD Video industry, promote collaborative innovation in the industrial chain, break through key core technologies, speed up the application of new products and new technologies in the industry, promote high-quality economic development, cultivate new kinetic energy for development, and accelerate the development of the ecological chain of UHD Video industry.

Among the summit, targeted exchanges and sharing will be conducted from the perspectives of industrial ecology, UHD hardware technology, content and copyright, entertainment, film and television, etc. The representatives from National Institute of Metrology, China Industrial Internet Promotion Center, China Telecom, industry organizations, scientific research institutions, colleges and universities, upstream and downstream manufacturing enterprises of industrial chain, content production enterprises and institutions, operation enterprises, Internet enterprises and relevant media will be invited to attend the summit.

Multiview Machine Learning Forum

The main purpose of research on multiview machine learning is to accurately establish the regularization constraints or probability dependence between views by modeling and mining the relationship between views, and ultimately strengthen the performance of the learning system. Multiple views can come from the same modality (perceived by the same type of sensors) or from different modalities, so that they can have different physical meanings. Multiview machine learning has great potential in intelligent medical, cross media intelligence, automatic driving, intelligent transportation and other fields. The research of multiview machine learning has made rapid progress. In recent years, it has gradually entered the era of multiview learning 2.0. Among them, the multiview learning driven by knowledge and data and multiview sequence data processing have become typical research topics. This forum will focus on the topic of multiview machine learning, and carry out research and discussion from different perspectives of academia and industry, so as to continuously promote the sustained and rapid development of this field.

Intelligent office -- Design Innovation of space

The future trend of space design will be to further improve the interaction experience between people and space, also people and people around the user’s life and working habits. This means that the design of space is not only the designer’s own perception of beauty and comfort, but also needs to integrate the innovative concept to create a sustainable development space with user experience as the core. We will invite innovators from different backgrounds to attend this forum, exploring the design innovation of space and finding the next outlet for intelligent office.

Keynote speeches

Keynote speeches

Focusing on the very latest technological innovations and global advances, the keynotes are one of the most impressive release platforms available. It is open to all professional audiences and media, and is presented by internationally renowned technology brands and Tech G to broaden application scenarios, break technological barriers and explore industry frontiers.